Museum from idea to doors opening
Art direction
Full-cycle project development from the scratch. As a result -> a successful 600-meter magic museum, thousands of visitors, more than 1,500 social media posts in the first week after opening. *without advertising.
My role
Product co-lead
Art director
I was responsible for all stages of product idea, strategy, cost estimation, development and process.
Concept, positioning, exhibits development and guest experience. Supervision the production process.
We were asked to devise a concept for a new entertainment museum. One that could attract young audiences and mothers with children. Was interesting and fit in with the overall concept of the rest of the client's museums.
We decided that our entertainment museum could be something in between a beautiful photo set and a world of imagination that gives vibrant emotions. To create a more emotional experience that would engage with adults and children alike in the same moment.
test and development
In this museum there would be NO text, NO history and NO barriers between the viewers and the works. Just the emotional connection that sweets can create.
We created a portal of the senses in which adult memories are visualised and children's dreams are materialised. Adults find themselves plunged back into sweet fantasies of childhood while children are finally free to play in the candy colored world of their imagination which now can be physically touched.
  • Yana Dulina / Product design lead
  • Pankova Daria / Product design lead
  • Yana Dulina / Product management
  • Pankova Daria / Product management
  • Independent decorators
  • Production studios