Digital Annual Report
E-book scrolling with interactive analytical data
To do this we chose to combine the ease of use of the e-book scrolling with interactive analytical data.
This new solution for digital reports puts the power of active analytic data comparison in the palm of the hand. It allows content to be auto-updated through apple ios and android across all platforms without the need for additional costly reformatting.
The app allows the user to choose between 'scroll mode' , which provides the ease of use of an e-book, and 'analytical mode' that adds a split screen fuction that allows simultaneous comparison of all written, visual and financial data
Design team
Dulina Yana - Design Lead
Pankova Daria - Senior Designer
Development and managment
Marklen Konurbaev - Founder
Sofia Rasskasova - Project manager
Maxim Nikitin - CTO
Pavel - development