Jan - Feb 2021
Project Overview

In Covid's year, the entire fashion segment began to actively move into digital. +30% growth and the biggest opportunity by Mckinsey report 2021 ). The founders of SensoDuo decided to digitalize their services. They were running a successful business offering closet selection services in the premium segment. The launch of the product was supposed to be an opportunity to scale the business, expand the customer base and open up new prospects for growth.
My Role

Research, Product architecture, product design, UX/UI, Art direction. (In collaboration with one more designer.)
Approach and logic
First of all, we were looking for the intersection of user needs and business services provided by the client. We answered the questions: which of the client's services we can digitalize and scale as a service, how it can work and how to present it to users as a digital product. We also thought through the product in terms of market positioning.
  • From user interviews: "I don't want to spend a lot of time shopping," "I like the personalized approach of working with a personal stylist," "I don't have time to do the shopping.
    User type "busy exsecutive"
    Summary user visualization
  • From user interviews: "I need privacy and I don't want to say I work with a stylist," "digital service is something from the mass segment," "it would be cool if they brought everything home for me.
    User type "fashion adept"
    Summary user visualization
Competitive research
Researching our competitors helped us understand their strengths and weaknesses. Most of all, we were inspired by the fact that all the products were rather in the mass-market category in terms of their appearance. And we decided that our brand strategy would be to give users the feeling of a high end product - personal styling of the highest level.
Market trend
User pain
Individual approach
The company's capabilities
Hight end digital style service
Product concept
(architecture and goals)
We divided the project into the main entities: an external website, a portal for members with a personal account, a store, and a podcast trend. The task of the external site is to tell about the product and attract new customers. The goal of the member portal is to consolidate all the data about the user in one place and place all the necessary functionality (review record, purchases, profile). A separate unit to make an online store with curated selections and a trend podcast, where you can find out the latest releases of trend collections.
Landing page
and product positioning
Our entry point for the user is the home page. The main task is to tell them about the product and win them to the purchase. Here we made a semantic structure, breaking it down into basic blocks - who we are, what we offer, reasons to believe. We decided to present this to the user through their "pains" and insights revealed during the interview. As for the visual style, we had to make the project intriguing and convey the spirit of "haute couture" in order to be qualitatively different from the competition.
Member portal
and accounts
We designed the member portal as a separate site. A home page with announcements, an account with functionality for booking consultations and managing purchases.
Store with categorization
by event
In addition to the service of individual closet selection, we left the opportunity to buy some items on their own. Our customers don't like to waste time looking for unique items in large online stores, and they want the most relevant selection. That's why our store is not divided into categories, but into "cases," with a minimum number of items selected by curators.
A startup that didn't
make it to launch.)
Well, as is often the case, good ideas, businesses and products often do not survive to launch. What conclusions did I draw for myself from the project? 1) It is necessary to argue with the founders more actively, to design and launch the product in parts, testing priority hypotheses. Pay more attention to optimization and search for ready-made solutions.