Business met art.
A story about how a good and right idea can contradict the client brief and still win the tender.
The brief:
To develop a full concept of Eldorado Vintage Appliance In-store Museum. And on the same time to announce Eldorado Disposal programme, which means that used appliances can be brought to an Eldorado shop and will be taken to a factory for environmentally friendly disposal.
Household electronic waste is a real problem
Household appliances and electronics account for about 7% of total waste. But it is electronic waste that does 70% of the damage to the environment. They contain all kinds of heavy metals, mercury, freons, oils. These elements eventually get into groundwater and poison drinking sources, as well as the soil.
But the brief in such a case is controversial.
Exposing old technology in its classic sense implies endowing it with value. At the same time, our goal is to raise the issue of recycling-destruction of these objects.
Our solution or how we won the tender.
We do not propose to make an exposition of old appliances. We do not make a boring and informative story that does not reflect the theme of recycling, but instead speaks about the "preservation" of machinery.
Through design and new forms of museum art to show that discarded appliances do not disappear, do not fade away just like that. It still exists. It's a garbage space that grows bigger every year. Piles of trash like the Monster we feed with our frivolous approach to recycling.

So we decided to grow our Monster out of recycling appliances. We announced the collection of old household appliances and gave some of this equipment to artist Dmitry Morozov (::vtol::) with a request to create the Monster.
Design team
Art and Creative Director - Dulina Yana
Co-creator - Pankova Daria
Artist - ::vtol::
PR - DNA media